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For you who read my blog (is there someone reading my blog haha) you probably have noticed my enthusiasm for Florian Rottensteiner.

I am big fan of his paintings. We have one big one hanging on the wall in our atelier.
Since some weeks now Florian has also been producing performance-videos.

These motion pictures amused me at first - i thought it will be a onetime thing only - but he posted some more.
I find these videos so strong and personal they pick up topics in Flos life (i guess) and typical - mainly viennese clichés of the daily life as an artist.

Florian says about his art that is pure emotion. While he is painting a picture or working on a new project - he packs every feeling into it. Laughter, Tears, sorrow, happiness.
Once he is finished he feels a kind of freedom or relief.

Here are my favorite Videos!


and about this next video. It brought me to tears. i seldom saw a performance/video so close to home.
Thank you for making this video Flo! 

Florian has an exhibtion coming up in vienna with a live performance (and frinks höhöhö) if you are in Vienna - be sure to come!!
(you're gonna love the location! #loft)

Facebook event click HERE


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