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Fashion Agency in London fails to return Sample Collections of young Designers...

....The Fashion Sales Agency Twenty 10 International under the ownership of Mr. NIKESH PATEL allegedly steals sample collections from emerging fashion brands which then get sold of at pop-up markets, samples sales or simply as Z-Celebrity gifts.

We have been investigating since some months now against Mr. Patel and his agency as we slowly realised that our very own Mark Baigent will not be getting back his samples anytime soon. During our research several Designers have come forth also claiming their Samples have never been returned! So far we know of 5 other Brands from across Europe who have become a victim of Mr. Patels false play.

Luring the young brands with giving them hope for new clients and complimenting them on their work they are asked to send all of their samples to Twenty 10 Internationals Headquarters, Rosary Gardens in South Kensington in London.
The Brands are not presented with any kind of itinerary during the so called "Sales Trips" the agency goes on to "distribute" the collections. 

After several months of asking for Updates the brands get suspicious and ask for their Samples back. But by then it is to late. Any contact between the agency and the Designers is blocked and cut off.
Young Brands do not have the financial funds to fight these kind of things so they are left with nothing. Latest Victim MARK BAIGENT has publicly spoken out on his Facebook page and has sent out a press release of what has occurred.

Dear Designers,

Dear Friends,
Dear Backers,
Dear Buyers,
Dear Community,

i have been thinking about this post for some time now as it was not easy for me to find the courage to share this.
Yet i have no other choice then to do so.

A bit over one year ago i have been approached by a Sales Agent named NIKESH PATEL.
Mr. Nikesh Patel was interested in representing my Brand through his agency and wanted to work with me on getting new clients. 
The agreement we signed on contract was to give him 15% of all Sales made by him.
In less then two months i manufactured 30 Samples and had them shipped from Bali to London priority.

Ever since Mr. Patel received my Samples i have not received any sales, press and certainly no new account reports.
After one year i asked of Mr. Patel to return the goods to me, which he agreed to do, this was in July.

Since then Mr. Patel has been unable to provide me with tracking numbers of the shipment or invoices, nor with proof of him still being in possession of my samples.
This was asked of him and his "virtual assistant" several times.

After claiming the Shipment was returned (again not providing any evidence of payment) and even being unable to deliver the samples to a London address, the same city Mr. Patel is located in i have no hope that my samples are still in Mr. Patels possession.
After contacting several Designers and speaking to a attorney who before successfully reclaimed back samples from Mr. Patel i have found in total 5 ! Designers who have made the same experience.
Legal action was an option for me until the investigation of assets showed us that Mr. Patel does not have personal assets worth what he owes my and the other brands.

2 of these Designers even paid a yearly Agent fee to Mr. Patel and have not gotten their Samples back nor their invested funds.
The other Designers have chosen to stay anonymous due to personal reasons.

Due to me not getting my Samples back from Mr. Patel i had to remake the Samples for the Kickstarter Production as well. Which is also one of the reasons this is slightly delayed.
Together with the Shipment these 30 Samples have a value of 10 000€.
This is a warning to all Designers, Buyers, Press to engage in cooperating and doing business with Mr. Nikesh Patel or his Agency "Twenty 10 International".
For any closer information (Press) please contact me via DM.
Please share this post as a warning to other Designers.

And Nikesh, Karma will get you.
best regards

The Cover picture of Mr. Patels private facebook Page is covered in collage of Designers who no longer work with the Agency and have never had their samples returned.

The fashion business has a reputation of being cruel and yet this story showed again how much young fashion brands have to endure without having big sponsors or investors behind them to back losses of several 1000 dollars.

Young brands struggle on the continuously growing fashion industry and sales agencies like TWENTY 10 INTERNATIONAL and people like NIKESH PATEL do not make it any easier.

all eyes on ...


... all eyes on one of Bali most renowned underground artist this week.
Originally from Yogjakarta the artist works with different media such as illustration, performance, video and sound installations.

Cooperations with local brands have brought Harem national and international attention and as we see it his future is bright.

Combining political and sexual stigmas, setting them under a new and different perspective they become obsolete and ridiculous to the viewer.
Modernism meets the "Missfits" illustration skills of the 60s and 70s in a way i have never seen it before.

LIVE FOR SATAN - a performance by ICAN HAREM



FERRAI ZÖCHLING brand one should keep in mind when thinking of the austrian fashion scene.
Playful modesty interact with playful prints by various artist are the core of the most of the collections by artisan and designer ROMANA ZÖCHLING.

fashion designer ROMANA ZÖCHLING at leisure

A dedication to crafts-woman-ship and best quality materials is what makes each piece a keeper and lets you stay interested in what would come next.
Which is exactly what we have been asking - whats next?

The designer teamed up yet again with another viennese painter and illustration artist - MARIANNE VLASCHITS.

As Vlaschits whos known for her provocative, playful and sarcastic work seems to be a perfect fit i ask myself the question why both artists and friends did not collaborate earlier - however i guess it's all about timing ;) -
we love the result and want to share it with you.

for more of FERRARI ZÖCHLING click HERE
or visit their boutique in Vienna:



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