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all eyes on ...


... all eyes on one of Bali most renowned underground artist this week.
Originally from Yogjakarta the artist works with different media such as illustration, performance, video and sound installations.

Cooperations with local brands have brought Harem national and international attention and as we see it his future is bright.

Combining political and sexual stigmas, setting them under a new and different perspective they become obsolete and ridiculous to the viewer.
Modernism meets the "Missfits" illustration skills of the 60s and 70s in a way i have never seen it before.

LIVE FOR SATAN - a performance by ICAN HAREM



FERRAI ZÖCHLING brand one should keep in mind when thinking of the austrian fashion scene.
Playful modesty interact with playful prints by various artist are the core of the most of the collections by artisan and designer ROMANA ZÖCHLING.

fashion designer ROMANA ZÖCHLING at leisure

A dedication to crafts-woman-ship and best quality materials is what makes each piece a keeper and lets you stay interested in what would come next.
Which is exactly what we have been asking - whats next?

The designer teamed up yet again with another viennese painter and illustration artist - MARIANNE VLASCHITS.

As Vlaschits whos known for her provocative, playful and sarcastic work seems to be a perfect fit i ask myself the question why both artists and friends did not collaborate earlier - however i guess it's all about timing ;) -
we love the result and want to share it with you.

for more of FERRARI ZÖCHLING click HERE
or visit their boutique in Vienna:


All eyes on ... Haegue Yang

Seoul to Berlin.
This is the main route which installation and construction artist Haegue Yang (born 1971) travels between these days.
August the 9th 2006 marks the date of her first solo exhibition in Seoul where she set up light and object installations in an abandoned building.

Ever since then she had over 30 solo Exhibitions in several known galleries around the world.
I first came upon her work at the Centre Pompidou in paris where she showed

Lingering Nous
July 6 - September 5, 2016
Centre Pompidou, Paris, France

Installation view of Lingering NousCentre Pompidou, Paris, France, 2016
Photo: Florian Kleinefenn

Modernism and tradition, industrial development and traditional origin are elements which Yang transfers and are set opposed to each other without comment.
Sculptures from metal shutters or handcrafted elements set and bound together to abstract objects the artists forms her own visual dialect 
which unfolds through abstraction and unconventional arrangements.


"Fair Produced Humanwear" by Mark Baigent

Dear Readers,
Dear Friends,
Dear Community,

As most of you know i am based in bali since a bit over a year now and i produce my collections here.
For those of you who know me personally im sure you are aware that it is very important to me to produce in an ethical and fair way and stay as transparent as possible with how i produce.

Why? Because i see the future of fashion in helping others and having a relationship with the people who produce our clothes.
I am convinced that by doing so we can work against mass productions and the throwaway society we live in and atone for what we are destroying day by day but most of all: We can help other people.

Which is why i decided to buy into my own factory here in Bali.
I have launched a Kickstarter campaign where you can find some of my most popular products for sale at a reduced price to fund the rest of the amount i need.

The proceeds go directly into the production.

I believe that with your help i can reach that goal and so i appeal for your help!
Every single donation counts and every share is highly appreciated!

Is your favorite piece not in the campaign? No problem! Let me know!

Click HERE to view the campaign 





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