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Sundays finest

So one thing i just really don't like doing is taking pictures of things i see or places i am at ;)
i literally have to remind myself to do so over and over again. no idea why that is...

Anyway, i had some amazing last days here in Bali because my friends from Austria  julia and christina came to visit me.
Sadly they only stayed three days with me but we made the best of them and im sure it was not the last time they came for a visit ;)

So christina is the complete opposite of me - she takes pictures all the time - so all picutres below are by her and they are pretty awesome! (her camera has WIFI! #wayofthefuture)

having the girls here reminded me how much i do miss my old home, my dog, my apartment and and my friends!
I'm really happy though that i have friends like them.

all Picturres: Christina Haderer

So Julia got a new job at a fair trade company named EZA - based in salzburg EZA buys and distributes products from all over the world making sure they are produced under fair conditions for the workers in the country of origin.

So we went and visited ARUM DALU in Canggu - they specialize in Fair trade goods such as Silver goods, Woven bags, Ikats(traditional scarves), Lamps and even casquettes !

On our way to PANTAI SEHSEH


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