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"A inspirational performance discovering the connection of Body and Spirit by getting directions" 

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After their physically intense flirt with the canon of body and performance art of the 1970s in Kein Applaus für Scheiße, and their passionate ode to spirituality inSpirit, the meanwhile internationally well-known duo concludes its first trilogy with the project Wellness

Starting points are the need for healing and the realisation of one’s own ultimate aims for well-being. 
Holzinger and Riebeek try to balance a healthy mind with a physical aesthetic inspired by beauty contests and competitions. To this aim they subject wellness treatments and measures to increase well-being, such as military-inspired CrossFit sessions, profound psychotherapy and session of meditating to a performed survey. 

For the first time in their collaborative work they are opening their intimate group of two to fellow comrades-in-arms. Together they will all be exploring which pop cultural elements display both enough ambition as well as influence to advance nothing less than the healing of the world. 

Wellness is committed with body and soul to the search for 
effective methods that dissolve personal fears into pleasure. 

What marky thought about the Performance (of course without even knowing what awaits him):
when i entered the room at the BRUT in Vienna the Song playing (by Lana Del Rey - see above) immediately caught my ear. And the very sexy Dancer (i believe his name was Christian) caught my eye.

I had to snap out of staring and moving like a table dancer to the music. because EY! its Art and you have to look at it critical (#yeeahhliketotes!).

So for me the performance was exactly what i needed to see. The Message (in my opinion) was clear and very helpful. I've never really saw a performance of Florentina Holzinger before but i heard of her. I think specially she did a great job and was very strong in her character. My main focus was on her i think.
It was hard to focus on one person there was so much happening - in a good way.
But please! tell me this! Cause in i get all oiled up and have to rub my genitals against 3 (!!) other people i would not be able to help it but to get hard ?!? So kudos for staying professional guys ;)

see ya next time!


PS: for all of you who want to see the performance
They are playing their last show TODAY 30.1.2014 at BRUT in Vienna


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