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I'm packing my bags....

.... and decided to leave Vienna and Europe for a bit.

Well because i have longed to travel again since my last big trip to the USA in 2009.
And now the time has come to really say my goodbyes for a time, i am 24 years old. Single, successful and stunning - i want more from live! ;)

 I love my life in vienna! and i really like Europe but i have to say since about one year or so i have been putting up with a lot of negativity and political injustice. I can't understand how people can lead actually nice lives here and have everything and still complain about so much.

Also i am really struggling to understand how immigrants who come to Austria are getting treated. I would say i am a sensitive person and i can only take that much - and now it is so much.

So i saved up some money and i will go on a longer trip. not knowing exactly when i will return.
i need a break, new inspiration and i need new people in my life.

Excitement and a little bit of fear is what i feel when i think about the trip ahead of me.
Where will i go?




you check the hashtag


and from Bali on i don't really know actually :)
Be sure to follow the Blog though because i will keep a little diary on what i am doing, who i met and everything else that is going on.

In case you want to snatch some really nice pieces of my former collections, they will be up for SALE from the 12th on at my Studio!
you are VERY welcome to come and join!!!
up to -80%

also my studio colleague FERRARI ZÖCHLING will be selling samples as well!

Can't wait for CHANGE!!!! 



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