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Gruber geht.

John Gruber is in his mid-thirties.
He lives a fast, pricey, and egocentric life in the finest district of Vienna.

Businesstrips to Switzerland and  hook-ups with the hottest women in town ,just to forget their names the next morning, is his daily life.
If there was an Award for being Anti-family/social/assholy, Jonny Gruber would probably win every category.

Unexpectedly diagnosed with cancer, he is thrown off track; also by the involuntary bearer of the news: Sarah, a DJ from Berlin, who is actually not really his type and he got to know on a businesstrip as a ONS.
But it will no longer be a short encounter - their paths will cross more often then they thought.

Normally Gruber has no need for emotions – but suddenly, without being asked, they pop out of the sealed coffins he strained them to.

I had the pleasure of seeing this motion picture by Marie Kreutzer at the DIAGONALE 2015 in Graz.
I have to be honest that did not expect something only nearly that well put together.

Starting from the costume design by Monika Buttinger to capturing the current look and feel of the "Wianer Oaschloch" (Viennese Asshole) and not the least because Bob Dylan has always been close to my heart.

After the screening Kreutzer said she thinks that she is sometimes like Jonny in the movie and that is the reason he is the main character she can identify with.
I would also say everyone has a jonny inside somewhere.

A very moving Film about and 
a comedic odyssey of self-discovery based on Doris Knecht’s successful novel “Gruber is leaving”
published by Rowohlt Berlin Verlag. 



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