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So today i was asked to hold a workshop at the YOUKI FILMFESTIVAL today in Wels.
Wels is where i spent most of my childhood and it was quite interesting coming back to this city and this festival which i visited while i went to "Hauptschule" here.

Hey guys this is just to show you what we did during our Workshop at the YOUKI FESTIVAL in Wels!
On this picture you see little Rhabarbi and me (we were the first to take the picture cause the others were to shy ;) ).

So guys meet Ana(13) and Ramona(13) from Wels.

Ramona loves to shop and likes sketching fashion in her free time.
Once she is done with school she wants to pursue being a nurse at a mental health facility in Linz.
Why? because this kind of work fascinates her and she can imagine having a lot of fun there.

This is Joan (15).
Creativity, fashion, film and music are the main interests of this young man from Thalheim.
He came to YOUKI FILMFESTIVAL to share and get inspired by the people working and organizing this event.

A 9 to 5 office job is not what he wants to do for living because he needs the exchange and the input from others and connecting with new people around the globe.

here you see Anna (with two "n"), this amazing talent wants to study photography and coming to YOUKI was on her Bucket list because she also is working on her documentation on Anorexia.

If she isn't taking photos and filming she likes Hip-Hop dance and enjoys making pencil sketches.


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