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Alex 30th birthday at CASINO WIEN

first of all - this is not a sponsored post! I really went to the casino!
Why? because my supercool and front up bff Alex celebrated her 30th birthday!! YAY!

Whatsapp message:
Alex: Hey, i want to invite you to my 30th birthday 
party next thursday at the Casino in Vienna!

Me: Shit guuurl!!! 30 !?!?!?


Anyhow, dear cutie pie Alex had NO idea that we planed on organizing a ride for her birthday! in a WHITE stretched limousine !!
It wasn't the mosty luxurious model but gosh babes that shit is expensive!
We had booze so we didn't care anyway really - only Alex she nearly pissed her pants out of excitement ;) - mission completed.

So me going to the Casino for the very first time i had NO idea that you need to bring ID and are not allowed to wear sneakers and men have to wear a jacket.
So Mark doesn't own a Suit Jacket and also i thought to myself:

"Oi i just put on my sneakers today since i NEVER wear them anyway. Ah there is my ID" - looking down on my kitchen table in the morning and walked out the door.

So the first stop was my apartment haha (sorry alex).
I put my high heels on and this beautiful frock i found in my closet.

Getting in was no problem at all so off we were.
(Did you know that you get 2 bottles of champagne when you go to the casino! #preeboozingonmynextbirthday)

So with no further delay here are some pics from the evening.
(I found out you are not allowed to take pics, probably not allowed to put them online either but uhm.. yeah.. try to sue a poor artist with no money #kisses)

(f.l.t.r. Ingo, Nina, Cathi, Alex, Rita, Alex brother(i forgot his name) and me)

(Check out the guy on the right, he was SO close to tell me of after taking that pic haha)

One thing everyone thinks (me included) is that drinks and food is super expensive in the casing - not true! my Margherita was only 7,50€ and it was YUMMY!


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