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Portable Body - Knowledge.

PORTABLE BODY - KNOWLEDGE By Sergio Valenzuela Valdés
MA Art & Science. 
Diploma exhibition. 
June, Monday16th. 10.30 am. 
Sala Terrena.

The performance-installation explores the sharing of methods and tools as portable knowledge. 
The main topics examined are body and text: each in relation to art and science, and also as a metaphor of the body as a book-object. The theoretical background at the core of the project is a dialogue between cognition, performance studies and body art

The exhibition invites the audience to experience the body as a type of knowledge. Through scanning inscriptions on the artist’s skin the audience creates a collage of information, echoing the laboratory rituals of scientists extracting information from samples. 

The printouts are portable, shareable and deliverable ‘body copies’ that can be read aloud, posted on a wall or left on the gallery floor. The exhibition also presents micrographs of the printed skin and a book on the body containing 100 close-ups but no text. 

Lastly, to experience the process on the micro level and as a comparison of the scanner copying the live performance, there is a video of a microscope going through the surface of the printed skin.

Photos by Max Kropitz


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