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TED x Am Ring - worth fighting for

Since some time now i have been following the great "TED TALKS" all over the planet and not quite sure who had the idea or when exactly it all started but i got stuck on them.
So when i heard two months ago that there would be a session in Vienna i nearly freaked!

So guess what! Little me got a ticket to attend the 6 hour discussion on fighting HIV and sustainability in different business branches such as health, fashion, music, public media, product design.

I wanted to attend these sessions SO bad and i'm happy like a baby squirrel to be able to go and listen to impressive people talk on a subject that is very important to me!

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To learn more about the present speakers of the conference please click HERE

So in case i got you as excited about this event as i am you can still buy some tickets by clicking

Here is the Schedule from 12 pm to 6 pm:

12:00 - 12:45Check-in

Session 1:


13:00Introduction Session 1
13:15Mark Dybul
"A social movement to fight AIDS, malaria and tb and end the epidemics"
13:35Danny Resnic
"Condoms: Consumer Protection or Consumer Deception? The Marketing Myth is Exposed"
13:55Saijai Liangpunsakul
"My m-Health Journey: How technology and empathy can change lives"
14:15TED Talk
14:25Exhibitor Adrain Chesser
"I have something to tell you"

Session 2:


15:40Introduction Session 2
15:45Conchita Wurst
"The Unstoppable Future of Love, Respect and Tolerance"
16:05Regan Hofmann
"Sex and Secrets"
16:25Piano performance by Albert Frantz
Franz Liszt: Études d'exécution transcendante (selection)
16:40Bill Roedy
"MTV vs HIV—how media can save lives"
17:00Vivienne Westwood
"Who are our Rulers - and what can we do?"
17:20Closing Speech


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