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Austrian Film Awards 2014

So i was invited to attend this years austrian Film Awards. Had no idea what would await me or how this "Gala" evening would turn out.

my make-up and hair for the evening. 
I used MAC cosmetics and Kèrsastase styling Products

What should i say, with austrian Filmmakers its kinda like with austria its self. Very subtil and a fast "get it over with so that we can finally clear the bar" attitude ;)

Ursular Strauss & Stefan Ruzowitzky
gave a introduction and talked about the Budget shortening (of 50%) for austrian film as FATAL to the local film-industry.

But this is not a bad thing as i see it. The Award show was hosted by  one of my favorite actors Karl Markovic - he did a really good job (quite the goat jokes next time, not so funny).

One must say that most of the people present hat excellent taste in fashion especially Julia Cepp (she won best Costume with SHIRLEY, VISIONS OF REALITY) wore a lovely black fringe dress by NO IDEA ;)

great filmmaker and friend ANNA SPANLANG (in Mark & Julia) and me (in MER and CVD BODYCHAINS)

Black was definitely the color of the evening, quoting my friend Mr. Keuschnigg and his boyfriend "Kinda feel like at a funeral here thats why i decided to wear a rainbow Spongebob shirt"

Me for one decided to wear a Viscose/Silk Dress by MER and golden Bodychains by CVD-Bodychains this evening.

My Friends Anna Spanlang i stuck into a "festzn" of my own collection. A Dress by Mark&Julia ;)
We got a lot of compliments and it was one grand evening with "Herzhafter" austrian cuisine and a never ending source of good wine and beer.

Thank you Academy for the invitation ;) see you next year!

Here are all the Winners of this yeats Austrian Film Awards:

  • Best FILM: "Deine Schönheit ist nichts wert" (Produktion: Danny Krausz, Kurt Stocker, Milan Dor, Hüseyin Tabak; Regie: Hüseyin Tabak)
  • Best Documentary Film: "Meine keine Familie" (Produktion: Oliver Neumann, Sabine Moser, Regie: Paul-Julien Robert)
  • Best shotfilm: "Erdbeerland" (Florian Pochlatko)
  • Best Director: "Deine Schönheit ist nichts wert" / Hüseyin Tabak
  • Best female performance in a leading role: "Paradies: Glaube" / Maria Hofstätter
  • Best male performance in a leading role: "Blutgletscher" / Gerhard Liebmann
  • Best Screenplay: "Deine Schönheit ist nichts wert" / Hüseyin Tabak
  • Best Camera: "Shirley - Visions of Reality" / Jerzy Palacz
  • Best Costume: "Shirley - Visions of Reality" / Julia Cepp
  • Best Make-Up: "Blutgletscher" / Susanne Weichesmiller, Roman Braunhofer
  • Best Music: "Deine Schönheit ist nichts wert" / Judit Varga
  • Best Cut: "Meine keine Familie" / Oliver Neumann
  • Best Role-Play: "Shirley - Visions of Reality" / Gustav Deutsch, Hanna Schimek
  • Best Sound: "Blutgletscher" / Dietmar Zuson, Nils Kirchhoff, Philipp Kemptner, Bernhard Maisch


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