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Did i ever mention that i am a HUGE fan of Documentary Film?
My obsession with documentary films is almost as big as my obsession with baby animales like dogs and cats #ijustcantgetenough.

Anyhow. My good Friend Bernd Oppl posted a link to a filmfestival where his new film "hotel room" will be presented. You maybe remember me writing about his short films at the Diagonale last year (hey thats coming up too soon! cool!).
Anyhow - i am always very happy for him because he is so talented and get good recognition for his work! GO BERND.

So i pressed the link and came to the homepage of CPH:DOX, Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival.
Its is the largest documentary film festival in Scandinavia. 
Each year, the festival fills Copenhagen’s cinemas with a selection of more than 150 films from around the world.

CPH:DOX is devoted to supporting independent and innovative filmmaking and presents the best and brightest in contemporary non-fiction, art cinema and experimental film.
During the eleven days of the festival, CPH:DOX also presents concerts, art exhibitions, five whole days of professional seminars, a screening market, and the international financing and co-production event CPH:FORUM, as well as the film production programme DOX:LAB.

CPH:DOX was founded in 2003. Supported by film professionals as well as the national press, CPH:DOX grew from 14,000 admissions in its first year to an impressive 51,800 in 2012. In 2013, CPH:DOX runs from 7 to 17 November.

CPH:DOX continues to develop and expand, presenting a programme that ranges from the works of major international directors to new talent, from large-scale theatrical releases to film/video works in the field between cinema and visual art. The programme goes beyond traditional boundaries between disciplines and media, offering perspectives on creative crossovers between cinema, television and media art.

With a solid base in the documentary approach to reality, CPH:DOX aims at building bridges to a wide range of related art forms on the music scene and in the visual arts. This exploration of the interaction and interfaces between different media and cultural traditions emphasizes the constant evolution of the documentary genre, and creates a space for inspiration and dialogue between different creative forms with exhibitions and performances, music and sound projects, live acts, VJ'ing and the latest concepts of expanded cinema


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