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Cheers to Fashion - Vangardist Party at MOTTO

I know what you are thinking my dears 
"Is your life one big party?"

Well... uhm.... NO! i work hard for the money. But #bitchgottalive too sometime! Business in the day party at night - or something like that.

Lovely Vangardist Magazine invited their special guests (yay i am one of them!) to a fabulous evening at even more fabulous restaurant in the fifth district - MOTTO - always a good place to be!
(and did you see the waiters there? #SOHOTIDIE and the owner O_O - okay enough I'm still a bit hungover haha)

So it was "CHEERS TO FASHION" - always good! Booze and fashion in one theme! love it!
It was a fabulous evening with even more beautiful people!

As i sat down at the bar beautiful Dorretta Carter came over and to say hi. She said, and i recall this very well:

"I thanked god in heaven to be so blessed and to see so many good looking men within the first 10 minutes of my arrival" - she is so fab! 

Lets start witht the pics, im sure you read enough! #kisskiss

beautiful Fashion Editor Sabina and me (wearin Betsy Johnson Vintage and CVD Bodychains) - #shesocuteidie

Dreamteam Flo and Dino #heartsomuch

Mr. Rabeder looking mighty fine with his gal (are they a couple?? no idea) Ms. gold-glitter Stefanie  

Supercool FroBro Mario (new marketing assistant congrats!) and moi #hotstuff

Sabina, Jozef (birthdayboy!!), Mary (beauty in Persona), Dominik (nowords #supercute #superhot), and me (drunk)

Thank you!
Julian Wiehl
Carlos Silva
Tom Sampl & Team 


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