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... Eva Blut / Accessoires Designer 

When you think of vienna - accessoires - are not really the first thing you think of.
But over quite some years now Designer EVA BLUT made herself quite a name here and i am big fan of her work.

At her last presentation featuring a performance by Salvatore Viviano me and my friend Kathi were quite impressed by the quality of fabrics used and by the finishing.
So cheers to you Eva and keep up the great work!

more about the Designer:

Founded in 1998, Vienna-based accessory label EVA BLUT stands for innovative and conceptual fashion and accessory design. The label embodies effortless chic by combining clever design solutions with high-end manufacturing techniques for the urban user of today. 

Its mastermind and founder Eva Buchleitner has been exploring the interaction between fashion and product design for the past 12 years in numerous collections and collaborations. Her unique approach has been successfully showcased in international festivals, exhibitions and workshops in the fields of fashion, art, design and architecture. Next to developing her own collections, Eva Buchleitner also teaches accessory and product design at the Fashion Institute Vienna in the castle Hetzendorf. She is a founding member of the independent fashion designer platform, which features up-do-date newsfeeds on progressive fashion and design.

In 2008, EVA BLUT shifted her focus back to accessory design and launched a new line of conceptual purses, which she expanded one year later to include carefully thought out bags and belts. Her aim is clear: to create smart, versatile yet elegant objects that fulfill the highest demands both to quality and design. The objects she creates all share a playful and tactile dimension that invites its users to explore and be surprised. 

A thread that runs through her collections is the mix of genuine leather with state-of-the-art technical fabrics and sophisticated material effects. These combinations add an energetic and contemporary feel to the recognizable items that is desirable to both women and men. The attention to detail paired with its cutting-edge design guarantee a sophisticated functionality that is sure to make EVA BLUT’s designs one of the classics of tomorrow. 

EVA BLUT Accessoires is sold in selected stores throughout Europe and Asia.


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