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Hetzendorf BA Show 2013

Kind of a hassle was made about the Hetzendorf fashionschool BA Show yesterday.
So my expectations were set high.

were they met? - uhm... well partly.
All in all the show was nice and well prepared but there was an overall look the every collection.
Very scandinavian - wide cuts - big "vibskovy" jackets and coats and such. 
Also the current trend of 90s jackets and pants was 
 seen throughout the collections.

Hardly any cuts that caught my eye.
But again - the overall look was okay. Just nothing really new or neverdonebefore designers. no key looks.

Some hat designer showcased 4 looks but only 2 hats?
If they have one year to come up with 4 looks minimum i dont know why unfinished pieces are even allowed over runway?

Beautiful Helena Severin @ Wienermodels in Jana Wieland

Some Shoe designer showcases great shoes in the dark with only the models mobile-phone shining on the feet - or directly at the face of the model - BOO!
(The shoes were shown on the back screen and looked great!! would have loved to actually see them though)
Models? no comment.

I think at this point it may be understandable that the BA year between the university of Art in Linz and Hetzendorf is coming to an end. 

It is clearly to much work for the professors and also for the Press-office organising an event like this one - and the yearly normal student collection presentations - not even being able to seat the Press/VIP guests in time for the show.

(When i asked if there is a reserved seat for me i just go grunted at to "well go and sit somewhere else i dindn't have enough time" - then simply dont invite me as VIP guest!)

(photos courtesy of AFRAID OF US)

Olivia Altmann - fancy Pants
loved the collection! specially the "one leg long and one short" thing going on futuristic blocking or something. very nice.

Jana Wieland was AMAZING! loved every piece!

Linda Schirmel - very nice concept and good presentation as well!


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