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The Piaf Project

A tribute to Edith Piaf on the 50th anniversary of her death

"Singing is a way of escaping. It's another world. I'm no longer on earth." -Edith Piaf

I first heard of "THE PIAF PROJECT" from a good friend of mine - Riem Higazi (the voice of the austrian radiostation FM4).

And me - being a HUGE Piaf fan it caught my attention immediately. 

Also the director of the project DAVID WINTERBERG is known not only to me but his work in the last year/months had caught quite some attention. So it really was no surprise to me how professional this undertaking is. 

David took the time to a quick statement for Règles de L'art.

For Edith Piaf a life without music was not possible. Like no other singer she gave the world a complete new understanding of music and new melodies which will inspire us and others for the next hundreds of years.
If you take "La Vie En Rose" for example - just look at the amount of artists that covered this song in the last 50 years - Grace Jones, Louis Armstrong, Liza Minelli, Marlene Dietrich, Celine Dion, Luciano Pavarotti to name just a view.
With my project i want to bringt a new attention to this incroyable singer and try to make it happen that people all around the globe sing "La Vie En Rose".

I think Edith would be out of her socks to see the final video we are going to cut together with all the submissions we're receiving and to know that her music is remembered of even after 50 years.


Be part of it and sing along with people from around the world! Record your interpretation of ‚La Vie En Rose’ and upload it to YouTube. All videos will be combined and re-orchestrated for one unique video. 

Videos can be uploaded untill 30.06.2013.

(Seriously thinking of uploading a video myself!!)

"The most ambitious music project of the year!" 

directed by: David Winterberg

The first Submission!! from Chrissie Vincent from Petersfield, Hampshire


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