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Sunday finest...

Spring had finally arrived in vienna and so my mood is getting better and better every day.
I cant wait to hit the lakes and finally walk around town dressed with almost nothing on ;)

So the weekend started with a "All has to go" Sale by austrian fashion designers
It is such a shame that they stopped their label after -i think - five years or so.
But i guess if it doesn't work out anymore its better to focus on other things.
So whatever the reason was for them to close down - it was a total amaze SALE for me.

I went there just to take some pictures and look at what stuff they were selling.
(Cause i am SUPER broke haha)


But well... i guess looking at 70% to 80% off the Wholesale price - i bought a pair of amazing salndes, 7 leatherbelts (its one long belt which you wrap around you - looks amaze!) and 2 fabrics silk+cotton for - 35€ !! O__O !! #BARGAIN!

After that i rushed to my Work - 12 Munchies - did i ever show you pics?? here you go ;)
At Aumannplatz in the 18th district :)

Completely forgetting that the amazing MARGAET CHO was in town, a friend rang me at work to tell me he had Press tickets for her!
And thanks to the lovely Gisa - i got two tickets as well :)
I actually dont like comedy to much but SHE WAS THE BOMB!

me, photographer - Daniel Gottschling, Youtube star - Michael Buchinger

(on her Flap-down "Lederhose" it says in Austrian dialect "I Mog di" which means as much as "I Dig You")

So today is sunday and a beautiful day to go to a techno open-air festival.
Said - done.
Kein Sonntag ohne Techno.

With one of my oldest friend Bix (i think since i was about 13 or so)

and the wonderful Mary from Early Birds.

Martin Dorn from Faux-Fox Magazine
Silvia Daxer (she kept throwing away her plastic waste and glass bottles - made me freak out! haha)


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sehr schmeichelhaft, wie immer meine schwachen momente für die ewigkeit festgehalten werden.

<3 silvia

Règles de l'art

ich finde du siehst aus wie eine UREliebe Biene! :)


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