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So this week every event from every event-genre possible is happening

Monday: Wendy&Jim launch their SUPERSUPERGOOD new Perfume! 
Took almost 2 years since the last presentation in paris but the outcome is amazeballs and totes no lay lay!

Anyhow my Blog-posts are a bit behind (you have to count in the Hangover time!! )


Together with "AUGARTEN Porzellan" they developed this #craycray bottle in the shape of a

(the sealing of the Shop make klinging noises cause hundres of procelain shards hung from it)



Herman - the wendy jim & lovely Claudia Hubmann
also on the pic Eva Brunner (the glass right lower corner ;) )

(Skyping with mum - how darling is that!)

Next crazyness Stop - Woman magazine party.
Sorry but the party was totes lay lay but the drinks and the food were great!
One would think that a Magazine like Woman would have a Homepage - nope - launch party.

the beginning of the end... 

 (I think what Hanna was talking to the DJs about was "you are getting payed for this, we are the only ones standing - play what WE WANT!" - go guuurrll!) (they didn't)



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