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Das Haus meinen Vaters

After my first day at this years 16th Diagonale i was a bit sad that only one of the films i watched really caught my attention, i kinda lost my motivation for the next day so i decided to only watch one Film.
Lucky me - and also good for my Diagonale film-marathon-fever, i caught the best Film shown during the whole festival.


now this pictures was nominated for the "Public choice" Award and we thought that Ludwig Wüst and his great crew did such an amazing job that i gave them 10 points. But sadly it wasn't enough to win.
But for all those who trust my judgement about film - GO AND WATCH IT!

I think this picture was so special for me because of my personal relationship to my family but dont want to say any more!

When to see it?

on the 3rd of April at the 21er Haus in Vienna!
click HERE for more information!

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