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at the DIESEL showroom

When it comes to successful Press-events i have to say that DIESEL is probably under the top 5 of all Brands.

I never had the feeling at any Event organized by DIESEL(and i've been to quite some) of being unwelcome or unnoticed. The way the showroom presents every collection is very unique and the team knows exactly what they are doing when they guide the Press and us Bloggers through the collection.
Not to mention that they always have great food and drinks :)

Earlier this year i was part of THE FASHION CAMP.
The largest German Blogger-conference.
DIESEL was hosting a competition to win this watch up there.
I never wear watches. For those of you who know me know though that i love accessoires the are huge and bulky and this watch is! Its about 11cm in diameter! WOW!!!
i want it sooooo Bad!!! but sadly its not quite in my Budget yet (900€)
(maybe at the next sample sale, keep hoping)

This piece caught my eye from the other side of the room :)
ITS ME!!! 

Not part of the presentaiton at the showroom but part of DIESEL is the Design-focused line of the Brand DIESEL BLACK GOLD(my favorite!)

They alway have a small outtake of the collection in the showroom and i have to say that exactly these pieces are the reason why i am always happy to go there :)
Here are my favorite looks


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