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Cornel Bolt

So during Paris fashion week this last season i came across the swiss fashion designer
CORNEL BOLT // Cornel Bolt on facebook

Such a nice(and pretty) guy to meet and talk to.
It was really funny cause we started the conversation out in english to the point were he asked me where i was from and i was like "from Vienna" - oh so we can talk german.
really funny how ones realizes that German is not such a bo bo language but actually a lot of people 
speak it.

Anyhow, i was really impressed by his designs! especially by the colors, a somehow mint green and plum.
But please! check out the amazing armlets he made! really nice! His cloths are the kind of style i would love to wear every day, i should really start to do so and make more of my own garments to wear - buy fabric not clothes- speaking of which! His materials were so nice! Kinda like a cotton cord material with open ends seamed on the inside with a very tight woven cotton.

but no more words. here are some of my favorite looks



Priyanka Malgie hat gesagt…
Wow very extraordinary designs! Never saw them before :)

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Very scandinavian - wide cuts - big "vibskovy" jackets and coats and such.  Also the current trend of 90s jackets and pants was   seen throughout the collections.
Hardly any cuts that caught my eye. But again - the overall look was okay. Just nothing really new or neverdonebefore designers. no key looks.
Some hat designer showcased 4 looks but only 2 hats? If they have one year to come up with 4 looks minimum i dont know why unfinished pieces are even allowed over runway? #thingsidontget

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