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the past view days...

...where filled with events and happenings. First of them was this right here, the opening of the "House 21"
From 1962 and 2001 the former "House 20" was used as a Museum of modern art in vienna.
1963 Wortuba (austrian sculpting artist) had his big retro perspective here. YAY! so much information.

Anyhow we find it is really important that austrian art gets pushed more and more. And up till now there was no platform like the House 21.
Showing art from the 1950 up to today. great! Just don`t forget that there are a lot of artists in front of your door!!

We can imagine that being the curator of such a House can be very challenging due to the fact the the House is actually ONE BIG OPEN SPACE and to create exhibitions there..puh! longs for a lot of creativity and real input into the house. 
Seing and watching how the space of the house reacts to different art spaces being used and considering also the light(which we really thought could have been solved differently!) and the weather conditions. (becuase everything is out of Glas!) 

After that Alice, Veronique, Michi and me where of to PRATERSAUNA to see a concert by one of my favorite bands at this time. WHEN SAINTS GO MACHINE.
Amazing concert, it was the second time i saw them live and it was exactly as good as the first time. bought a shirt there with all their wicked lyrics, which Nikolaj was so kind to sign for me(the singer). Had a great talk with him.

 So view people made this concert to a very great experience!

WOOP WOOP the action continues with an exhibition by the class of digital art with their exhibition.

by Andrè Wagner 

SOO Hogwarts ;) 

by Sophie Hatwagner, (no its not her on the pic its KATHARINA ;) haha)

And yesterday it was "THE ART OF ORGY" by Marianne Vlaschits
As postet b4 some months ago Marianne is THA SHIAT! :) We love her art! and the way she sees life.
(and the wine was great haha)


 My Favorite

 Zeus, Masturbating

no idea actually how this one is called, but he looks so cute haha.


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