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Himml Oarsch + Zwirn

A view days ago i posted a flyer due to the exhibition "Himml Oasch+Zwirn".
What should we say. We loved the location and the free drinks  - we would ;)

Looking at the works of:
Bozic Viktorija, 
Bugnits Isabella Maria, 
Burkes Fabian, 
Drvenica Daniel, 
Geschl Nina, 
Greisberger Eva, 
Klemen Johannes, 
Kloser Maiken Domenica, 
Liedtke Claudia Luise, 
Lingg Sophie, 
Machaczek Tatjana, 
Mark Johanna, 
Messner Johanna, 
Molnar Laura, 
Otti Fabio Alexander, 
Pahl Berenice, 
Papouschek Carina, 
Picallo Manuela, 
Polleros Sukie Katharina, 
Riederer Julia , 
Alexandra Soteris, 
Rottensteiner Florian
Schramek Veronica, 
Türk Paul, 
Bärtschi Anna Elsa Carolina, 
Losch Elisabeth, 
Mayerhofer Raphaela Romana, 
Metzler Cem – Samuel, 
Muhic Natascha. 

Gosch are there alot of them - didn´t seem to me that way cause the exhibition was rather chaotic. Which is good sometimes but as i was told this event should actually have taken place last semester. Noty Noty!
A live Performance by our dear Friends Nina Geschl, and a terrific painting by Flo Rottensteiner(we love his paintings! we wanna have one!) where the highlights for us!

Oh! and  this great collage, 
but i forgot to write down by whom it is...shame on me 

This right here was out fav! It shows all those wonderful and disgusting "IT-CLUBS" where all we hipstars love to go! Cause we all know how so f*****g awesome Berlin is, itsn't it? ;) - N O T - 
great idea!
(on the sign it says - we're fed up!)
clubs shown on the pics:
Tresor - Berlin
Golden Pudel club - Hamburg
Tape - Berlin
Baalsaal - Berlin
Recherchezentrum - Berlin
Cocoon - Frankfurt
Ego - Hamburg 

 great painting by Flo Rottensteiner!


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