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hurt people hurt people. I know that.

hurt is such a pervers and so fucking ugly thing to feel. What could one to to not feel the hurt.

"Does" and some "Dont´s"
Katharina R. and Mark S. B.

1. Make a playlist with "youawesome" like this or this or this and after these songs you should listen to this and this 

2. TIME OUT! Go on holiday - ALONE 

3. Tell everyone about it! Untill you get tired of telling the same story over and over again. It helps you to get annoyed by your own story

4. If nothing helps and you just cant get over him/her go and see a Therapist - No this is not a sign of weakness. These people really do help! And they are trained to help! You will get your answers much quicker than on your own!


1. Looking at all the pictures, chat history and other hirstory between you and him/her

2. Keeping contact with his/her best friends even though you don´t really know them

3. Thinking of reasons why you have to call her/him


5. Think of how life was before she or he was in it - it was fine wasn´t it? you dont need anybody but your self to live! Its not right but its okay! you´ll gonna make it anyway! ! ! !

i´ve learned from the best
Some people just take what they dont have from others, like selfconfidents, and as soon as they´ve got it they just toss you aside. Don´t have to think about if you are hurting anyone. no. why should you. FUCK THIS!


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