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Anni jürgenson

Not so long ago i asked anni jürgenson from Style hurricane for an interview. Why? keep on reading!

When did you start your Blog?
Exactly two years ago

What was the main reason that drove you to publish it?
I had always been taking photos and notes of everything I saw and felt inspiring. So I thought why not to share it with other people and also felt that I need some feedback. So blogging seemed to be a perfect way.

Did your life change in some way, because of your Blog?
Can't say it completely turned into another direction but blogging definitely gave me a lot of motivation. Blogging definitely has its benefits - I'm being invited to many events and fashion shows I wouldn't have chance to go if I wasn't blogging, meeting many important people in fashion industry and also making new friends, getting new experiences and not to mention receiving free items from companies to review.

For the next question i have to say i simply love your ear cuffs, how did you come up with this idea?
In summer, when i did the first ones, I was really inspired (and I still am) in Native American culture and of course I was really into those enormous feather headdresses. I specially like how they look like from the side. I wanted to achieve similar silhouette in jewelry so I came up with the idea of feather ear cuff.

How is that working for you? Do you get a lot of orders?
First I made only two ones and sold them both. I wasn't sure if there's any people out there interested in buying more so I didn't take it very seriously. But after I was back from my summer holiday I started them making little more. First there was only 5 orders, then 10, and now I'm getting orders on every single day. For me it has grown unbelievably big and I basically work on them everyday - making new ones, organising the store, shipping out orders . It takes lot of time but I enjoy that. I'm probably going to continue with that for some more time but I'm already thinking about designing some new items.

Concerning fashion, what would you say about your country(estonia??)? What would you change if you could? Estonian fashion does exist but it's still very low-key. There are some very good designers, who make gorgeous evening gowns and some who make very avant-garde clothes. That's all cool but someone should make clothes, which are suitable for everyday wear but still have design elements. I really adore minimalistic Scandinavian design and clothes by Swedish and Danish designers and brands. I wish we had something similar here in Estonia.

Your favourite Drink?
Fresh-squeezed orange juice

Your favourite thing made out of Dough?
All the cakes baked by my mom.

Thank you so much for your time! we wish you all the best!


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