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Blood is the new Black

Well well well.

It has been a while since B.i.t.n.B. introduced a new collection. but as we see creativity just takes its time.

Naked lovers entwined, zombie monsters rising out of vhs tape graves, outerspace pyramids, a hamburger stuck in a beard, acid trips and rock stars – begins to describe Blood Is The New Black’s Fall/Holiday line, a visionary family making the most, if not testing the limits, of the cotton canvas.

“The line, as always, is a mish-mosh of our artists’ personal styles,” says founder Mitra Khayyam. “I can see nods to astral projection and punk rock. They want to always do something that is next to impossible on a t-shirt. It challenges our printers, and it challenges our customer’s notions of where t-shirt graphics should be placed.”


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