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This is the Happy House

Sunday is in gerenal not my day.
I feel depressed and i am all in all not satisfied with the -doesn't matter what situation i am in.
Yesterday way different. 

I was happy to get out of my "i has no friends" mood to - hey! life can be awesome if i let it.

My dear friend Lilly and Isabella invited me to join them for a flea market stroll - it was actually a very old apartment in the 6th district. The Woman who used to live there passed away years ago and her lovely notanymore-children decided to sell basically everything left in the apartment.

Here are some impressions of what the place looked like.
Lilly and Isabella also had their hands full of stuff - Isi even scored a original 70s kitchen! its SO adorable!!

After this super retro trip back to the 70s and 80s and a good Handwash (we had no idea the place would look like this and be that dirty) we walked down through "Margareten" the 5th district to BRUT.

Brut is one of my favourte places in Vienna, i go there a lot.
Superfun people there who you can always be silly with ;)
So they had their SUMMERFEST there and that always means dressing up and eating way toooo much ;)







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