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"Fair Produced Humanwear" by Mark Baigent

Dear Readers,
Dear Friends,
Dear Community,

As most of you know i am based in bali since a bit over a year now and i produce my collections here.
For those of you who know me personally im sure you are aware that it is very important to me to produce in an ethical and fair way and stay as transparent as possible with how i produce.

Why? Because i see the future of fashion in helping others and having a relationship with the people who produce our clothes.
I am convinced that by doing so we can work against mass productions and the throwaway society we live in and atone for what we are destroying day by day but most of all: We can help other people.

Which is why i decided to buy into my own factory here in Bali.
I have launched a Kickstarter campaign where you can find some of my most popular products for sale at a reduced price to fund the rest of the amount i need.

The proceeds go directly into the production.

I believe that with your help i can reach that goal and so i appeal for your help!
Every single donation counts and every share is highly appreciated!

Is your favorite piece not in the campaign? No problem! Let me know!

Click HERE to view the campaign 




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