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Road Trip to Balila Beach Resort

... it was supposed to be one of the nicest and most adventurous weekends i had in Bali so far when my friend Nina and i decided to take our motorbikes all the way from Canggu to Amed in the north of Bali.

We planned the whole trip about two weeks before she arrived in Bali and after talking to jewellery designer and close friend Kyoung about it  - she also decided to join.

We started our trip at 7:30 am and took of after filling up with Bensin (this is how you spell it in Indonesia).
The entire trip was one big adventure, starting at VIRGIN BEACH (as a tip: come early like we did because from 12 on the tourists start pooring in in their horrible khaki shorts and straw hats!) all the way up to LES to a hidden waterfall and ended with loosing Nina in traffic in Denpasar on the way back ;)

here are the pictures of our beautiful trip.

on we went and stopped at the so called VIRGIN BEACH!
beautiful Waters and coral reefs as well!
But be sure to be there early because as of 12pm the tourists come down and the whole beach gets a weird vibe i felt.
Also parking is 10K per person and thats actually not cheap even compared to Seminyak or Legian.

A temple i had visited before - actually it is an uphill walk to in total seven temples :)
And by taking a wrong turn on the way there we ended up driving all the way to the middle temple.
The road up there was BEAUTIFUL and yet very frightening and dangerous to.
We had to stop several times and re-concentrate until we got to the temple 1300 meters above sea level.

As we started we met this great couple who where nice enough to take us ALL THE WAY up to the last temple (about another 1,5 hour walk).
Pure Magic is how i would describe the feeling i had while we walked through the ancient jungle and screaming monkey listening to the stories our "guide" was telling us about times way before ours.

(ps: kyoung is not on this picture because someone has to start working out more in order to walk 3000 steps uphill ;) LOL )

Praying for a change in this world.

arriving on the top of the mountain!
Pura Lempuyang - we did it!

Located just before the village KUBU this vegan and eco friendly resort is lead by austrian architect Birgit and her lovely family.

When i first visited the resort about one year ago i fell in love with the concept and the location.
The Bay its in is basically still 100% local.
Small families built their houses along the beach and use fishing as their source of income.
A small shrimp farm and typical for that area of Bali also a salt plantation is the scenery of the coast line.

Behind the beautiful resort the great mountain AGUNG (the biggest Mountain/Vulcano in Bali) looks down on us.
A Haven for people who seek total relaxation, Yoga, Eco awareness and the friendliest most familiar staff on the island.

earrings by A-Comment


earring by A-Comment

Photos by: Balila Beach Resort

find the contact for Balila Beach Resort HERE:


 We also met up with Ninas friend Samir and Tiffi to drive yet another hour north to discover the Waterfall in LES.
What we did not know was that due to the havy rainfall this season the path was almost competely washed away and we had to climp through the jungle and up rocky hills in order to reach the waterfall.
But OMG was it worth it! The beautiful nature and the energy at the place in nothing i can put in words.

Along the left side you can already see a bit of the effect the flood had.

here you can see that half of the path dropped into the river.

we were also warned by the people there that we should be cautious and turn back if we notice that the water in the river is rising.
(which of course made it even more interesting for us 




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