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The Last Days ...

how did you spent your year? What would do do differently? If you could, what would you change?
2016 was a year so different from any year i have experienced in my short Life.

You could say that that is the case with any year we go through and i guess you are right but it still is the way i feel about it. 
One year ago i decided to pack my things and move to the Island of Bali because i needed a break from the european system and the overall mood of this continent. 

I needed a change. 
I had to refocus and find out (and this is not meant in any esoteric way) who i really am. And you know what? I still don't know! 

And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! What i do know is that i learned a lot about my self and how i used to handle situations and how i handle them now.
I learn to see that there is ALWAYS another way and to not freak out about small things (I used to be really good at that).

And even if i still somehow enjoy my dramas i came to know to discern which ones are necessary and which ones are not (yes drama sometimes is necessary in my life).
Asia teaches you to "go with the flow" to take things as they come and to let go of the control-freakishness that western culture teaches us. This will get done with or without you working yourself up about it.
Thats why my favorite word in Bahasa Indonesia is "Sabar" which means "Chill down" or "Patients" 
So beginning of October i flew back to Austria because this would have been my return flight so i took it to clear things with my apartment. I planned out to stay maximum two months but well... yeah at the moment i am chillin in my friends apartment in vienna with a towel wrapped around my hair - so yes i am still here! But only few more days and i hop onto a plane and im gone again.
Im listening to a 90s playlist and thinking about all the great blessings this year has provided for me. In many aspects this year sucked for a lot of people - i for one have a lot of love for the people around me in Vienna and in Bali. Without them things would be very very hard for me and i am grateful for all of them!

With my business picking up and exciting new things coming once i get back to the island of the gods i can only be in awe of how things developed so miraculously and smooth.

So i guess what i want to say with this post is to think about the positive and the intimate moments you had this year with your friends - friends are the most important thing in your life because they are here to catch you when no one else does.


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