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Sundays finest - on monday

After starting the weekend right with a wicked punk-rock concert at PRETTY POISON in Canggu i hit the town to stop by at a DJ Set at La Favela and later to KOH
KOH - probably the best club in Bali so far, ill be sure to write up an extra post about that asap ;)
So to make a long story short i had the most beautiful sunrise driving home on my scooter watching the sun come up over the rice fields (probably like 5 a.m.)
It's been a while since i went out THAT long xD

So after bumping in to my friend Fa' that night we met up at a place called "THE LAWN" in canggu.
Super chill place and not crowded, fresh fruit juice and Bakso (Indonesian meatball soup, yes i ate meat but i get to do so once a week ;). All a hungover heart needs!

Relaxing all day, taking a dip in the ocean and talking about how GoJek (best App in the world) should deliver sperm xD (wait what??!) - so pretty much a perfect chill sunday.

After sunset i decided to go home and be to myself the next day, stopped by the market and got some veggies and some tahu (tofu) to make dinner.

2 small red chilis
2 small violet onions
olive oil
2 shards of lime


 Fa' & Moi 


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