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Bali - my new home

Okay, so as you noticed i haven't been posting anything the last weeks.
Different reasons and one of them was the move to my own little house here in Bali.

I moved from the super hip Canggu to the edge of Dalung because "ggu" was just to busy for me.

Here in Dalung im pretty much on my own what i find super because i am kind of forced to learn Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian language).

So i am starting to get used to the system here in bali - and im not sure you ever get used to it growing up in the western world. But i am sure Bali teaches you a lot. a lot of patience ;)

So the other day i was at my house and realized it has been four weeks since the last time i have been to the beach. So i packed my things and off i went!
Beachdays should always be a must in my weekly schedule.

So i am also SUPER LAZY when it comes to taking pictures so i just simply don't take any.
But on my way to the PERERENAN Beach i took some for this Blog.
I will be sure from now on to take more pictures and Blog more about life here :)

My little House

Pererenan Beach


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