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So i was struggling for a time now with the thought of discussing political, racial, sexual and religious topics here.
Everyday, specially when i used to live in Europe, i was confronted with so much hate towards so many minorities or groups that it literally made me sick.

I got so angry or sad of it that i had health issues. Yet i am not the person who can just sit by and say nothing even it if would be the mature thing to do sometimes.

So i want to throw in a facebook posting i read by my dear friend and most awesomest queer burlesque performer / writer i've met in a very long time. Ms. Denice Bourbon.

For those of you who don't know who that is. Ms. Bourbon is a swedish performance artist and writer who uhm.... well this is really not about her LOL just go and buy her book and i'll PROMISE you you will not regret it!!!

ANYGAY! back to the story: Denice made me aware of a cover of a supposedly "queer" Magazine from Austria.

This is the cover:

To get straight (haha i hate that saying) to the point:
I don't get a lot of things with this cover.
How can a Magazine who claims to be LGBTQI be okay or even consider this as a cover option?!?

And the fact that it has been TWO Days without ANY public response is just despicable.

So i know that history classes here in schools in Europa hardly even get the the real history of Black people. Hell my Ex-boyfriend thought Spain had never anything to do with slavery, well they only just had the monopoly on it called ASIENTO - please read about it HERE

 Hell i even remember that in my middle school days we had three BOYS dress up ass black MAMMYS for carneval - i would scan in the picture, i know i have it but its in Vienna and i am here in Bali.

OR - i remember that some weeks before i left for my new adventure i walked into a very nice old church in Tirol, as i was checking the pictures of the christmas plays i was SHOCKED to also one blackfaced kid as a sheppard and the mere fact that BLOGSPOT ist underlining the word "Blackfaced" as red/false also upsets me.

All these examples are, in my opinon, the consequence of the deeply grounded racism western people have towards anyone who is not white.

BUT MARK! STOP RIGHT THERE! I'm not a racist!

Well all i am saying is that people who grew up in the white western world have is easier. its a fact. don't deny it. It would be the same as saying heterophobia excists (FUCK NO IT DOESNT!) - this time i am happy that Blogspot is marking that world red/false ;)

Another example right here from Bali.
This country used to have its own system. The female emancipation was way higher then it is today and the body awareness was never really a problem. UNTIL the Dutch came, told them to put on clothes, wear the right things and refer to them as boss.

All these things never really get taught in school. No i am not saying one should go through every single country which experienced racism from white people, the list would be to long and one would probably need an entire year for it.

Self education is in my opinion one the things most easiest to do these days yet hardly anyone does it.
Educate yourself. The times are over when you could simply say "im not a racists but this is kinda funny" - its not. your a racist. period.
Specially in the country side i experienced these things

"White man to balinese tour guide: So what do you do in Bali? grow fruit? or vegetables?" #majorfacepalm

"I don't like gays, but ur cool"

"My daughter LOVES the Band "the Gossip" but please don't tell her that the singer is lesbian"

"Why do black people always have to make everything about race"

"I am not treated any differently then anyone else because i am white"

These two pictures where taken 50 years apart from each other.
left: civil rights movement.
right: ferguson demonstrations.

Yes this is a picture from the USA, for european example please scroll up in case you forgot the coverpicture of Xtra Magazine.
So for those of you who don't like reading here is a Youtube channel i follow and i find super informative for a lot of things!



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