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Hello Bali!

I have been in Bali since over one month now and was simply to lazy or actually not to lazy but to busy to post ANYTHING!
and guess what! i also didn't take any pictures yet! (all the pics here are from my IG)

Why? well i cant answer that i guess im not a picture person. i took some but do to the fact that my Iphone got stolen at PITSTOP Burger Restaurant two weeks ago i only have kinda shitty Samsung Phone.
And also my great insurance will not cover it because apparently they don't cover theft. Leaves me asking myself why tha fuck i even bought that insurance in the first place.

okay, so Bali!
What do i have to say after one month...
As most of you know i have never been here before and just decided to move here. I've known some people from my travels to Paris for fashionweek and i have one friend here i know since last summer. Pitzi, if i wouldn't have had her im sure things would have been a bit more complicated then they are now.

So yes, Bali is the "eat, pray and love" paradise for a lot of people! its beautiful here and living is very easy for a white Caucasian like myself.

But i think it doesn't take much to look behind the facade and see - once again - how christian missionaries cam years back and fucked up the whole system here. And to be honest this is still the reason for corruption here and i understand every single piece of racism Indonesian people feel again "us" whites.

But please! i don't want to impose that Bali is a beautiful hell!! Bali is pretty amazing! and i have met SO many new friends here in bali and i have to tell you bali people rock ;)

Currently i am producing my new collection and working closely with my manufacturer for shoes and bags! Mr. Rai is amazing and has a lovely family!
It is so nice to go to his place and talk directly to him (in english, i am still learning Bahasa Indonesia) and i can be sure that everything i produce there was made within a family business.

I feel that i still have a long way to go on this island and this is only the beginning.
Also, the direction of this Blog will change a bit. I am planing on taking on political themes in as well.
"But ma mama alsways said don't talk about religion and politics" - well i don't care about that ;) 

sorry not sorry!

and of course here are some pictures i could save of my Icloud before it got stolen at PITSTOP Restaurant! ;)

So this jungle swim i discovered as i was visiting my friends from Berlin who where traveling through Ubud.
Of course Mark managed to drink to much Coconut wine and fall of the swing three meters into the jungle and land on an Ants nest.

 pictures of my house in Canggu, calm your tits babes, i could never afford the whole thing on my own! not even in Bali. I'm renting it with some other people.

My friend Katrin, she was my first visitor from Vienna! YAY! Many more to come im sure ;)

This is Pepper. My friend Pitzis dog. he is small. he is cute. he likes to bite everything. end of story.

Me and pitzi, great woman! i am so happy to have her in my life now!!


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