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BALMAIN 4 H&M - We dislike...

...this is the 8th time a high-end brand is teaming up with the giant swedish apparel producer H&M.

There was a time when i myself went out to the pre-shoppings and did the standing in lines for the (one has to admit) better designed pieces which used to be exclusive to the chain.

I some of pieces from the Margiela, Marni and Stella Mccartney collection, they are hanging in my wardrobe and since about one and a half years now i simply can not wear them anymore.

What changed?

My mindset and the way i consume changed. Since over two years i have not purchased anything from H & M.
Which is a bit easier for me to do because i am able to make my own clothes.
But that fact a side i also know that conscious and selected consummation of clothing is always better then a buy-throw-out concept.

So BALMAIN is cooperating with H&M for the next capsule collection.
I want to talk about why i think it sucks.

I have friends who buy actual Balmain from their stores.
They are appalled that some of the pieces look so much like the real thing they purchased for a LOT of money.
Just imagine that you meet someone with the same dress you have on the street.
But the difference is that they paid only 100€ instead of 1000€ for it (and the fact that theirs is mass produced under horrible circumstances). Wouldn't you feel a bit stupid?

This was also the case with the Margiela collection.

Big Brands like Balmain have a responsibility to the industry if they want to or not.

With cooperations like these they encourage people to continue to consume cheap clothing and support the waste culture which we have been practicing since years.

We can see the consequences of these behavior already
Please click this Links HERE for more information.

So why does Balmain do this?
Well as often the reason is clear. Money and Fame.

And from a insider friend who works in the company i know that Balmain Sales have been going down the last years and the company is not happy with their image - also doe to the fact that Kim Kardashian and Kanye have in some way become the unwanted face of the brand.

Quote by the Telepgraph:

A Brand that teams up with H&M in this scale is often - and i know this is not really understandable - in financial distress or in need of publicity.

2004 - Karl Lagerfeld:
It is hard to believe that a Designer like Karl is in financial distress - because he's not. But his own named Brand is not Chanel. And is not anywhere near to get to the same level.

2005 - Stella Mccartney:
at that point the only question to as was "Who is Stella Mccartney" ?

Margiela + Marni + Victor&Rolf:

-2002 Diesel becomes majority shareholder of Maison Margiela
-2008 Diesel becomes majority shareholder of Victor&Rolf (two years after H&M cooperation)
-2012 Diesel becomes majority shareholder of Marni (same year as the H&M cooperation)

These Brands belong to the OTB group.

A Company owned by Renzo  Rosso the Co-founder of DIESEL
So isn't it obvious that all three of these brands make a collection for H&M ?

One does not want to read the Wikipedia entry of the OTB group because it basically a charity read.
They invest 90% of their funds in south Africa. Justifying that they support people there with jobs.
We all know what we produce in countries like Aftrica or Asia.

At the price of a pair of Marc Jacobs Pants (OTB is also producing for Marc Jacobs mens since 2008) for instance there is absolutely NO reason not to produce in Italy where OTB is based.
One can argue as much as one wants to but it comes down to money.

This Information should only help to see the whole picture behind this great and glamourous fashionworld which is a Business like any other and like any other business.
Capitalism is what runs it.

and with this gross Quote by Olivier Rousteing i will leave you to it.

"I’m an H&M boy, I’m the H&M generation," says 29-year-old Rousteing



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