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Adele. I wanna punch you.

So 2009 the british singer and songwriter Adele decided to produce an album which remembered everyone who ever got heartbroken by someone how bitter sweet it felt. It was the most played song of the year and radio stations went bazooonga for it.
No one was safe. Nowhere.
I even heard "Don't you remember" in the toilet of a gas station outside of Prag once.

Adele is great at putting the post-heartbreak feelings you have when a deep relationship ends into words like no other artist i have ever heard in her genre.

Four years after her groundbreaking Album, Adele examines the past and tries to make a mens. On the surface, this is about a breakup from long ago, but the song can also be interpreted as Adele's attempt at reconciliation from her former self.

When i heard her song "Someone like you" for the first time i had a big personal crisis myself and well.. lets say i have a love-hate relationship to her Album "21"

Put all the aspects of Adele being fabulous and a incredible singer i really felt like punching her in the face when i tuned into youtube to listen to her newest single.
I was curious to see what she would do after the hole "my love life sucked phase" - but hey! i forgot that this is a topic one can draw from for...uhm... EVER.

We all had shit to deal with in our lives. 
We all had this one person who almost killed us.
I've lost one Jeans size and got a new Haircut.
Thank you that i don't feel good about this anymore -.-

Your new Song "Hello" is a slap in the face for everyone who thought to be over that one big break.

What i want to say is that Adele is amazingly talented and has a gift.
But if your heartbroken or still in your post-relationship-mortem phase then please do not listen to her Album or her new single (below). 
It will guarantee tears. 
Keep chocolate and booze near.

Adele Laurie Blue Adkins received 86 Awards from the 168 nominations. 
Among them are 4 Brit Awards, one Academy Award, one Golden Globe Award, 10 Grammy Awards and 4 American Music Awards.

With her new Single "Hello" Adele does not make the impression that this streak will be over soon.
We love you Adele but we do want to punch you.

Hello, it's me
I was wondering if after all these years
You'd like to meet, to go over
They say that time's supposed to heal ya
But I ain't done much healing

Hello, can you hear me?
I'm in California dreaming about who we used to be
When we were younger and free
I've forgotten how it felt before the world fell at our feet

There's such a difference between us
And a million miles

Hello from the other side
I must've called a thousand times to tell you
I'm sorry, for everything that I've done
But when I call you never seem to be home

Hello from the outside
At least I can say that I've tried to tell you
I'm sorry, for breaking your heart
But it don't matter, it clearly doesn't tear you apart anymore

Hello, how are you?
It's so typical of me to talk about myself
I'm sorry, I hope that you're well
Did you ever make it out of that town
Where nothing ever happened?

It's no secret
That the both of us are running out of time

Director: Xavier Dolan
Executive Producer: Jannie McInnes
Producer: Nancy Grant/Xavier Dolan
Cinematographer: André Turpin
Production design : Colombe Raby
Editor: Xavier Dolan
Adele's lover : Tristan Wilds


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