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All eyes on ...

... David Meran.

Whats there to say about this gentle person. Well as so often the first real contact was made over facebook discussing a future project we could do together.

So we let our creative juices flow over a nice steak dinner and - OMG 3 bottles of wine and some homemade Zirbenschnaps haha.
What followed was a very nice evening with a person i can call my new found friend now. David is an amazing person a talented photographer and painter and i am very happy to have met him. I'm sure we will have some great times together and also great projects.

Also from upper Austria (like myself) we talked about world problems, art and our personal development over the last years. From discussing why we hate the word "Heterolike" to what we would do if we got kicked out of the "Cafè Prückel" because kissed in public as a gay couple.

i have the pleasure to introduce my selection of his works here now to you.
Starting with a short film.



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