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It was last Thursday when my Facebook-chat let me know with a "blupp blupp" that someone was trying to get in contact with me.
This someone was my friend from Berlin. He let me know that a company he is working for is starting an "Austria" trial.
They are sending so called "Food Boxes" out every week with recipes to try out at home.

Free food? THATS ME! #loveit

So today was the day, at 8 a.m. the delivery guy saw me in underwear and i got my first "FRESH BOX" from HELLO FRESH.
With no time really to think about it i opened the, pretty big, box and started putting everything to its place. The veggies and mild products into the fridge and the herbs in the cupboard.

I was preparing all day for a photo shoot i'm doing together with styling Melina Kutelas for ECLECTIC MAGAZINE so the only time to cook was tonight.

Inside the box you'll find several recipes and the ingredients to them.
I have to say that the packaging is really neat and shit but when i threw out the box and the wrappings i must say that the amount of paper and carton that is wasted with one box would totally influence me ordering these kind of boxes....

For those who know me you know that i NEVER EVER cook by recipe. ever.
Thats why i don't enjoy baking because you kinda have to stick to the instructions of making a cake... not so with cooking.
But this time i decided to follow the instructions closely and make "BEEF STAKE BURGER" wooohiiiiiiooooo yummmyyy!!!

So here we go!
(believe me cooking and taking pictures at the same time - megastruggle)

So i guess the first thing i wanted to do, because as said i NEVER cook in order or with any kind of structure, is to lay out all my ingredients infront of me.

 FIST make your potatoes! They take FOREVER to cook!
I chopped up everything else and threw it in the pan

While doing that and frying your Steak (I like it rare so i only fried it for like 2 min on each side) prepare the bun and the onion gravy.

Because i really like having side-dishes, i think it makes every meal a bit more interesting, i made one of my favorite "salads". I dont have a recipe for this but i chopped up red beetroots, added lemon juice (just two teaspoons) honey (oneteaspoon) sheep-cheese and pepper.

aaaaaaand here you go :) SO YUMMY! (really good in summer to!)

So my Potato wedges are ready and i prepared the burger.
I sprinkled some parmesan over the burger and wedges. Why? cause putting parmesan over something is never a bad idea :) 

I hope you enjoyed reading and looking at food you can not eat of the screen ;)

to get the recipe simply click HERE



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