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The austrian - up and coming interior designer - says
"giving objects surrounding me the esprit and charme and the looks they are lacking"

Krenn Studied "Sculpting" at the University of applied arts in Vienna. After he finished his studies he took part in several national but also international exhibitions in Portugal and the Czech Republic.

Specially his piece "MMK Fermoir" which can be used as single couch-chair or as several elements combined to a full sitting area cam to my attention some time ago.

Seeing objects in a non-traditional way and finding new interpretations for their use but specially creating new possibilities for their outer appearance so the observer is reminded that there are other views on elements we are so used to looking the same way since they were invented.

"The longing for change is my study companion" - Krenn says and that is why i am sure we will see much more intelligent and intriguing designs by this stellar young man.


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