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I had the thought that its going to be the first TEDx Am Ring but i was wrong ;)
Anyhow, i had the pleasure some weeks ago to visit a TED event here in Vienna. I was SO happy for this opportunity to be part in a session that would change so many views on topics like HIV/AIDS and the environment.

Seldom was i so moved by speakers on these topics and i can only say THANK you to TEDxAmRing for organizing this important event!!
To all of you who missed it 

The talk took place in the HOFBURG in Vienna - which was very interesting to me because this is also where the far right party is hosting their annuals (yes i will say it!) Nazi Ball. And yet here we are talking about LGBT rights, HIV/AIDS prevention, tolerance and how to make our earth a better place TOGETHER. Nice statement ;)

I will present you some of my favourite speakers.
Mark Debyl kicked if of as first on stage and really blew me away with his passion and his devotion to change!
Mark Dybul is the Executive Director of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. Dybul has worked on HIV and public health for more than 25 years as a clinician, scientist, teacher and administrator. He has written extensively in scientific and policy literature, and has received several Honorary Degrees.
Dybul became a founding architect and driving force in the formation of the U.S. President George W. Bush’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, better known as PEPFAR. After serving as Chief Medical Officer, Assistant, Deputy and Acting director, in 2006 he was appointed as its leader, becoming U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator, with the rank of Ambassador at the level of an Assistant Secretary of State.

You can check out his session right HERE:

The Story of REGAN HOFMANN brought me to tears! This Woman from California who was diagnosed with HIV herself showed so much compassion for ending the stigma against AIDS/HIV+ People on this earth.

Regan Hofmann is an award-winning journalist, media expert and published author who was formerly the editor-in-chief of POZ and At UNAIDS, Hofmann works to build stronger, more strategic collaborations with the Executive Branch of the U.S. government and the U.S. Congress. She works with civil society and advocacy groups to build support for key UNAIDS priorities. 
Prior to joining UNAIDS, Hofmann worked as a consultant to organizations defending domestic and global funding for HIV/AIDS and those focused on securing the health, dignity and human rights of people living with HIV. An openly positive woman whose memoir "I Have Something To Tell You" was published in 2009, Hofmann serves on the amfAR board and as an ambassador for the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation.

Catch her session HERE:

Albert Frantz was amazing playing the Piano!

These Portraits where exhibited at the Hofburg.
They show people living with HIV. Pictures where taken by ADRIAN CHESSER

Adrain Chesser is a self-taught photographer who refined his craft and practice through a personal mentor/protégé relationship with photographer Rosalind Solomon, and later with photographer Debbie Fleming Caffery. His first critical success came with “I have something to tell you” a personal exploration of what it meant to disclose life-altering news.
Chesser will introduce and exhibit two of his series at the conference.

Eurosongcontest Winner CONCHITA WURST also gave a very touching speech on her personal experiences and about how important it is to live in peace and share the most important message of all which is LOVE

I personally was very excited about the last speaker of the day - Ms. Vivienne Westwood.
A Woman that i personally admire for her impressive knowlege and the ability to share it in a way so many people can easily understand.
To me it was amazing how she talked about anti capitalism and what you as single person can do to help our planet, and most of all to stand up + get some friends motivated and DO something.

I was so touched to see that she knew exactly what she is talking about and had amazing inside information on the "World leaders" and how to fight them and also quite sad/upset knowing that people working for ms. Westwood are pure capitalists and take advantage of her and local young designers to make profit of of them.
I'm sure if she knew how homophobe, aggressive, fake and greedy they where she would probably brake to tears.
I recommend you to watch her session and have a good brainstorm about how and why we live our lives the way we do.
And think about how one can CHANGE the way we handle our life and treat other people.
Think about it, talk about it - DO SOMETHING.


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