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two weeks ago i got a phone call from a man who works in publishing.
Over mutual friends of ours he heard about my past growing up in a institutional christian community and the struggles i had to face back then - and still am.

He told me that he'd be interested in publishing a Book about my story.
I have to admit i was afraid of doing a thing like this but it is exactly that reason why i have decided to write this book.

I will tell the story about how i grew up going to churches - having God as an omnipresent topic in my everyday life and what effect it had on me in the way i thought about other people/genders/sexual orientations and specially the way i was told to think and treat people who are "different".

Not everything about my childhood and going to a community like that was negative. I will give my best to show only the truth and let the reader be the judge.
I guess i am still scared of doing this and also afraid of what Friendships will end as soon as this book is published. But i have something to say and i went trough enough disappointment.
And i got out of things which without the help of my friends and (my) God i would have not been able to accomplish.

So this will be interesting! and i'll keep you updated on it!


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