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Enrique Gomez De Molina

So while doing some research for a New Project of mine (it will be GRAND) i came upon this artist from Miami Beach called Enrique Gomez De Molina.

I couldn't really trust my eyes at first - or maybe my brain had to re-adjust the data my eyes were delivering and processing it to an opinion in my head which was AMAZING. I went kuku looking at his art! the detail! the colors! the patience put into every single piece!

But it also didn't take me long to find our that the Artist is was once imprisioned :/ for trafficking protected wildlife... guess art always has his dark sides. but i still cant take my sight of his amazing pieces! Please have a look for yourself
I was trying to get in contact with him and his Gallery in Miami the - Bernice Steinbaum Gallery in Miami FL - but unfortunately it closed down in 2013. So i wasn't able to get an Interview with Enrique.
I guess his Art says more then you would like to hear anyway.



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