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Mark & Julia - ASWADIA - AW 14/15

Just like the previous collection - elements of different cultures where the main inspiration for this collection.
The north-african Berber people mixed with the MAORIS from new zealand left a signature mark on the pieces of the new collection ASWADIA for Autumn/Winter 2014/15.

Part of this years collection are Bodychains by HANNAH WAGNER and her Label CVD-Bodychains.
Last time in GOLD - this time in Silver with wooden elements. double love for that! 

Black is the (non)colour of the next season combined with hallucinogenic prints - this is ASWADIA - coming from the arabic word ASWAD meaning black or very dark.

"Aswadia puts together different influences and thoughts into one. Starting from the name of the collection and typical patterns rounding it up with Mark & Julia "classic" pieces." 
- Julia

"Aswadia has a lot of elements that are typical for the brand like clear patterns and my favourite non-colour BLACK." 
- Mark

Mark & Julia are aware of the importance of sustainability and so they assure their customers a FAIR production in a small intimate production in Budapest. Fabrics are bought in Europe (mainly Austria, Germany and France) making sure long transportation is avoided.


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