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All eyes on... Especes.Especes

The fruit of an ongoing dialogue between artist Sébastien Lacomblez (✝ Sébastien Rien 2008 – 2014) and jewellery designer Marie Artamonoff, Espèces is an engaging reflection on life, death and timelessness.
 Referencing the tribalism and intimate nature of jewels, Espèces wishes to reconcile the dead and the living, transcending the usual failure of binary views.

Envisaged as the architecture of living forms, animal bones are a starting point for the Belgian creative duo, willing to return to the essence of life. 

Bones are, by definition, a fundamental part of our being, as they provide the necessary structure for organs. They are, in fact, the truth within, the ultimate foundation one goes back to in order to reconnect with one’s nature.

A visible demonstration of what lies within, Espèces reveals the intricacy and delicate aspects of bones, without removing any of their mystery. Turning them into desirable and aesthetically pleasing objects, bones become unique artifacts, which challenge key notions of time and mortality

The relationship between jewellery and individual is an intense one, expressed in the direct contact between silver and skin. 

Why was i drawn and fascinated by ESPECES.ESPECES? because i LOVE big jewellery that looks fragile but isnt.

At first i though "really nice but im sure the elements are tiny and break when they fall down and everything is so fragile." 

but this pic from their exhibition during paris fashionweek at the TRANOI proved me wrong and makes me want to have ALL of the pieces!!

The pieces are made in Brussels. Several items are limited editions, made in 25, 50 or 100 units. Conceived as a permanent line -which will be updated every six months- Espèces is keen on experimenting with new techniques and materials, taking the line into unknown directions. The memory of passing time and former lives defines Espèces, without any nostalgia. With this debut collection, Sébastien Lacomblez and Marie Artamonoff make a strong and inspiring statement, avoiding superficial readings of jewellery and celebrating traces of life.


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