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marky in Barcelona

The Blog has been quiet for quite some time now and i am very sorry about that but i was just tooooo busy!
Since two months i had no real free time. Photoshoots, new collection, Job, traveling for work, etc..

So i booked a flight to Barcelona some time ago and i really needed these days to clear my head a bit. My cute friend Guillem took me with him to meet his family and show me his city.

It was really amazing! i wish i could have stayed longer.
Here are some pics ;)

Guillem took this pic while i wasnt looking ;)
Hoody: Mark & Julia
Skirt: Mark & Julia
Bag: Mark & Julia
Leggings: Pebelle
Shoes: Comme des Garcons 

Bubi and Bubi on the Beachy :3

What i liked in Barcelona :)

Barcelona is filled with amazing little restaurants - it was SO hard to choose where to go and eat xD

Origins Restaurant - is a restaurant that serves only regional catalan food from farmers. Although the waitress is french and loves to listen do Madeleine Peyroux the ambiance of the restaurant is simply grandiós.

For me it was rather hard finding fashion i liked. Barcelona is fludded with the ZARA and Mango group and between this shitty pret-a-porter you spot all of these pieces of eye-cancer with the name DESIGUAL - YUCK (Why does one buy this shit??)

Anyhow, Mark is Mark and thats why i found some shops i really liked.
The first one was called "La Comercial" they have all the hip brands from Mcqueen to Westwood - yay for them.

But!! - big but! ;) - when walking through barcelonta POP there it was a Barcelona based shop named after the two designer that run the brand:

they have amazing pieces and its really affordable! you can order online and they do worldwide shipping!
All the garments are produced in their own factory in barcelona - What more does a marky like me want :) HAPPY!

thats all for now :) more Barcelona pics coming soon for sure!


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