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Marky in Barcelona - 2

Oh wow i didn't expect so many views for my Blogpost 
haha i forgort how much i love writing this blog.
So i check all my pics on my phone - not talking about the nudes here! - and found more footage on Barcelona. 

My Friend Andi lives there now and i still have a return flight booked on the 9th of June (My flight got canceled due to a strike and i booked a new one haha i really just wanted to leave town for a bit) - so i guess this means i have to go visit him again ;) Andi! hope your aparment is a bit bigger then 10qm cause im coming over hehe ;)

On my last day Guillem and me where thinking of what to do after we lay on the beach (again ;) ) for 3 hours having a picknick - i really wanted to go into the water but it was simply to cold :(

stroling through the streets and looking at beautiful buildings (I'm really sorry but i had no idea Barcelona was that beautiful :3 ). 

We decided to walk through the district of Gracia and found this exhibition on Prêt-à-Porter in Barcelona from 1958 - 2008.

More than 300 garments are on display at Palau Robert for 10 months in the exhibition 'Barcelona Prêt-à-Porter, 1958-2008. Fifty Years of the Fashion Industry'.
Featuring material from the Antoni de Montpalau Textile Collection, a Sabadell-born initiative launched in 2004, the exhibition offers a glance back at the past 50 years of Catalan fashion.
During the exhibition's duration, the clothes on show will be changed twice, first in October 2013 and then again in January 2014.
(that is why i didn't really get why some of the clothes in the exhibition manual where not the same as the ones on presented).

i specially loved this one - it reminded me of a Kimono i have at home myself (see the picture below)


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