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Vienna Weekend Planer

Tuesday is the new thursday and so its the perfect time to talk about what do to in Vienna this weekend.
For all my readers not based in vienna - i know you are quite a lot - please don't be sad. Just get on a plane and fly here ;) hehe #kisses

I love all these crazy dress-up parties! (duh??!) i think if you don't look fabulous your evening is only half as funny as it could be.

So for all of you who like dressing up but in a very classic-beautiful way i would recomment to drop by at CHAYA FUERA this saturday to have a blast at the ORIGINAL  VIENNAs first - 50s/60s party SWELL TIME A MAD MAN NIGHT OUT.

find more information by clicking HERE and HERE.

But Mark?!?! what if i wanna go out on Friday AND saturday??

FEAR NOT my little hedgehog! I have a plan for you that will make your wildest Partydreams come true! its called…

A trashy/all genders/all sexual orientation/all human beings (no please don't bring animales!) welcoming party in the center of vienna!!

find more information by clicking HERE and HERE

So see you on the dancefloor babes!! Friday AND Saturday!!


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