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Coming home from a nice trip to munich where i had the pleasure of Djing for the austrian eyewear Label ANDY WOLF i was sitting in the train to Vienna. 
Reading - or more looking through - the current issue of ZOO Magazine (due to the my exhaustion of the last days i was not able to read a lot of the articles – mainly written by Lotta Aspenberg it has the impression that she is the only contributer there).

Reading all the great names of designers, stylists and models in the credits and beautiful editorial pictures of Artists like Patti Smith, Boy George shot by photographers like Bryan Adams(hes actually quite good!), Dancian, Sandor Lubbe and Yaèl Temmnick i wondered what makes a person famous/likeable besides the aspect of media coverage.

Why do people tell me that i am famous/fabulous/amazing/unique? Why does an (amazing) eyewear Label like Andy Wolf book me to DJ for them at their Tradeshow in munich and cover all my expences. Why do people like beeing arround me?

Well i think the answer is simple in a way. I live for what i do. I love my life and i love poeple. I don’t care what ones does for living or the way he or she decides to dress. If you have a story to tell – tell it! I love listening. Every person you meet in your life as something for you and if you are open enough you can take something with you on your journey and even give something back.

Renè - A very dear friend to me! love you babe! < 3 

Kathi and me at "Theresa" restaurant in Munich on our first evening. Such a great person and friend!

inspirational people inspire people.
For those of you who know me know that i love to express the way i feel with the fashion i wear.
Well Munich was somehow different. The People i spent my time with are so great! And they make me so happy! I always have the best of time with them! So they made me feel glamorous and happy. So i also dressed accordingly to that.

I am used to getting my picture taken and i must say i enjoy it also. I love standing infront of the camera. On the second Day of the OPTI 2014 tradeshow it go a bit to extrem. People where getting rude and stuck their smartphones right under my nose and laughed their heads of about the crazy gay DJ wearing the freaky “Lady gaga“ sunglasses. So i got pissed – and slightly rude.
After going behind the booth to smoke a cig (we were actually not allowed to do that but uhm.. who cares) i thought about why it is such a bit deal to be different. I know this is a really soggy and quite dull question to ask because there really isn’t an answer to it – or too many ;).

In my Opinion the question to ask here is how do you decide to handle situations like this. You can either choose to play the sassy/arrogant card and look away when people want to get into contact with you or take your picture. Or you can see it as a chance to lighten their black and white (methaphorically speaking) day – smile and pose for the camera and give them something to talk about and maybe think about as well.

-Energy is your fuel. Spend it wisely
A very negative aspect of having a lot of friends or better aquaintances is the constant topic of talking personal.

Did it ever come to your attention that people ALWAYS are more interested in negative then positive news?
We all know the days when negative and challenging issues meet for a cup of shitstorm in our heads and we cant really concentrate on anything else other then feeling depressed and lonely. Who of your friends or – better aquaintances are willing to put up with all of this and listen to you when things are ruff. It took me quite some time to get to the point of feeling “evenly happy“ – keeping my face in public.

Now this does not mean that i became arrogant or anything but i choose very carefully with whom i share private matters with.
- The wrong people can suck out your energy untill you come to the point where you fall over in a club and hyperventilate and have to be rushed to hospital – where you get out of it two days later only to hear that “people“ talk about you and you’re overdose of coke. #saywhaat ?

-youre Body is your highest treasure.
I remember a party some weeks ago where a young girl came up to me – i knew who she was because i saw her out and about often the last weeks – she told me that she really liked me. I was flattered but told her that she doesn’t really know anything about me. 

She agreed and added that she is also scared of me in a way and named me „the Anna Wintour“ of Vienna.
She then asked me why i disliked her (-she was quite drunk). I responded that i didn’t dislike her but that i am not fond of her lifestly of taking too many drugs and that i never met her sober which maked it hard for me to know what person is infront of me.

- People don’t get me wrong here! Me lovey myself a good party and more then enough booze. But i think that there is a golden rule for going out. 

You can drink and party as much as you want as long as it doesn’t effect your everyday Life.
I nevery tried drungs. I don’t want to try them. People never believe me when i say stuff like that but to me its very simple. I lost 3 friends on an overdose of drugs and i have no interest in experiencing something that will have an inpact on my spirit and soul.

At this point i want to quote my friend Elisabeth with a sentense whe uses alot “MY BODY MY RULEZZ“ – which is totally right but i want to add “NO BODY NO RULEZZ TO CREATE AND FOLLOW“.

These are just thoghts that where in my head the last weeks and i wanted to share them because i had many talkes with friends of mine about this subject.

Jochen and Andi chillin with "CANDY" our REAL-DOLL ;)


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