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Post christmas Idea - "Hey Mr."

Looking around town for the perfect christmas present a friend of mine drew my attention to the leather goods of "Hey Mr."

I knew about the brand due to the fact that he exhibited during vienna fashion week last september but i was not that fond of the shoes because they were not really my style.
All the more i was delighted to find Handbags and a great shopper on his homepage (not sure why i didn't see them during fashionweek).
Anyhow - they are worth checking out and i love the patent leather!

Me goes bananas for this one! #loveit

Korrosion “made by nature“ -  is the inspiration for this new collection by "Hey Mr." for A/W 2013/14

Creating the "corrsion" process artificially the unique lace print is created which is used on almost all the Shoes but also the new accessoire line (also including iPhone and iPad cases).


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