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VIENNALE - ending

yesterday! ERMAHGERD! sooo much happened!
got up at 7:30 am, my head pounding, my eyes red like tomatoes my mouth felt like an ashtray. 
Thats what happens when my friends and me start of an evening playing "activity" totally harmless! Until you realize "hey wow! we have 5 wine bottles in the fridge" oopsi. 

 But if you're dumb enough to stay up till 3:30a.m. and drink - even if you have to be at the office at 8:30a.m. - you have to be able to get up in the morning. And YES i did it :) (no one noticed! hehe)

From the office i went to my showroom in the 7th district where my lovely boyfriend came by and surprised me with a beautiful little bucket of flowers. I NEVER ever got flowers. EVER! so whoever PR Agent reads this - send me flowers and I'm your bitch haha.

After that we were off to see my friend Sabina at a charity event in the 1st district (after all them snobs i was in need if charity).
We took Sabina with us to the VIENNALE closing gala. 
Quite nice. Except for one thing. 
We all thought we would be underdressed for a gala. but uhm... no.
Vienna and fashion? #doesntexist

Closing film this year was "LOCKE". A film by british director steven night.
Loved the film! And a grand performance by the main (and actually only actor) Tom Hardy!

me and Sabina :)

me and Christopher

After that great motion picture - which i will definitely write more about soon -  we took of to the volksgarten and the official afterparty of the festival. Thank you Jameson Whiskey for the making me hungover - again.


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